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The Company

Licofarma is an Italian high-tech organization working in continuous research and innovation in the Health and Wellness fields. We work with passion and dedication to offer innovative solutions to protect and improve people’s health and wellness. Our research activity, in particular, has always led us to focus on biotechnologies for the production of natural antioxidants devoid of toxic and noxious chemical solvents, and their application in therapeutic products and protocols for treatment and prevention of various diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases and some forms of tumor) alongside with ophthalmy,

dermatology, cosmetology. We offer our knowledge and resources to improve health & wellbeing, researching and developing innovative products and state of art techniques able to amplify the effectiveness and the synergy of individual active ingredients. Quality, safety and effectiveness of each single formula, such are our priorities. We are a forward-thinking and daring team, always looking at the future, we carry a history of courage and determination all made in Italy, starting from our home and stretching to the global markets.


Continuous Research & Innovation, Technology, Excellence, Reliability, Responsibility, Respect for Nature and Environment, these are all values each one of our activities is based upon.