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Normal Skin

Features: normal skin type, also called eudermic, is characterized by a good level of natural hydration, consistent and bright colour, smooth and soft texture, compact and elastic. This is the least problematic skin type, the pores are well closed, it produces the right amount of sebum, it’s not very sensitive and it hardly peels.

Beauty Tip: to find out if you have a normal skin type, gently rub a paper tissue on your face as soon as you wake up in the morning: if the tissue is clean, you have a normal skin type.

Recommendations: normal skin type doesn’t require particular attention or specific treatments, even in adult age it is sufficient to follow simple daily cleansing and moisturizing tips by using cleansers, exfoliators and hydrating creams able to cleanse and moisturize the skin, removing impurities and preserve its features intact.

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