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Sensitive & Rosacea Skin

Features: sensitive skin is usually caused by damages on the natural protective layer of the skin, which makes it sensitive to irritating external agents, such as bacteria, chemicals, allergens and atmospheric agents. Sensitive skin looks particularly dry, stretched, easily irritable and very delicate, it often shows purple areas caused by the dilation of subcutaneous capillaries (couperose) and it is prone to redness particularly in the central area (checks and nose) due to several causes such as cold, wind, pollution and stress. It is often accompanied by a burn and itch feeling and it can be prone to allergic reactions.

Recommendations: sensitive skin type needs specific skin friendly treatments, devoid of irritant substances and able to strengthen the natural protective barriers of the skin, stimulating deeply the regenerative processes, prevent the loss of hydration and at the same time soothe the skin from burns and redness, protecting it from external agents.

Discover our selection of products specifically formulated for sensitive skin types prone to couperose!