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Research & Development

Our priority is to develop innovative and effective solutions to serve your health and wellness. Passion, enterprising spirit and courage fuel every choice of ours.

Italian Research
Italian Research

Innovative Technology Made in Italy

Over the past 10 years we have been active with research 100% Made in Italy which led to the birth of an innovative extraction technology for natural antioxidants, involving carbon dioxide (CO2) in sub or supercritical conditions instead of the traditional toxic and noxious chemical solvents. The developed and patented technology allows the extraction of active ingredients from solid or liquid matrices and allows the splitting of the vegetable extracts.

Continuous Innovation
Continuous Innovation

State of the Art Biotechnology Solutions

Our R&D Department is the kernel of our organization. We produce continuous innovation through the development of new products and biotechnologies to offer innovative solutions to individual health and wellness needs, aiming to perpetual improvement in the quality of life of each person. Our effort aims to constantly improve our processes and products to guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and quality for each one of our clients.

Achieved Results
Achieved Results

Shared Know-How at the service of Health

The developed processes and biotechnologies are patented at international and European scope, witnessing the level of innovation of the results brought from an intensive research activity. Furthermore, our motto is “working at the service of health and wellness”, which we implement by always sharing the results of our research activity with the scientific community through publications on qualified international and national magazines, alongside with our active involvement at Congresses and industry events.

Icona Partners
Partners in Research

Synergy for Excellent Results

In order to complete the intensive research and development activity, we have always entrusted the precious collaboration with qualified private and public bodies. With particular regards to the development of the CO2 extraction technology, our partners in research are:

  1. Salento University together with the Department of Innovation Engineering and the Dis.Te.B.A. Department.

  2. CNR - ISPA Institute from Bari and Lecce.

  3. The Italian Ministry of Research.

Currently Active Research Projects

Together with our Partners, both private and public, we carry on our research and development of more and more effective and safe products.

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